Eco-Friendly Oil & Chemical Spill Recovery
Recovery I, Inc. is an environmental company established in June, 1992, that specializes in the development of products and processes to handle oil spills on any body of water, particularly the oceans, lakes and their shorelines.  It is owned and operated by Adria M. Brown, President and CEO.

Our process uses green, renewable resources, and a patented method and technology to retrieve hazardous oil and chemical spills. 

When used in rapid response, it has been proven effective in retrieving up to 98% of the spilled pollutant.   Our product, "The Golden Retriever", is  biodegradable and chemical free.  Caustic materials such as crude oil, can be quickly and safely removed from the environment. They can then be recovered, reprocessed and recycled, allowing for disposal of the contaminants, in a much more ecologically friendly manner.

Purity Affordability Simplicity