"Celebrating a simpler solution."
  • To use a practical, thorough, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible product and process to combat oil spills on land and water.

  • To minimize the loss and devastation to the already endangered ecosystem, marine and wildlife habitats affected by the spills.

  • To recapture lost oils through chemically safe retrieval, without compromising the integrity of the oils.

  • To process captured oil for its reuse saving the oil industry and the consumer millions of dollars.

  • To recycle the oil adsorbed product after its use in oil retrieval, which then becomes a cost-effective, highly efficient, and environmentally responsible fuel source for both large and small industrial plants, such as Edison, PG&E, Consumers Power, and the like.

  • To provide a "win-win-win" situation for the oil companies, the responders and the environment.

  • To bring renewed life and revenues into a challenged agricultural industry.